Inspirational Quotes for Kids 2020 – Happy New Year from Free Kids Books!

Each beautiful quote is set to an equally beautiful picture that depicts the essence of the quote, from Dr Seuss to Mark Twain, Gandhi to Jessie Jackson, teach a man to fish, and the starfish thrower stories, this book tells wonderful pieces of wisdom that if you haven’t heard them before make wonderful inspiration.

The quotes in this book can be a perfect prompt for journalistic writing exercises and lessons, for example as introspective pieces on the concepts, eg write an essay on what the you think the author meant, or on what the quote means to you, or research and write an essay on the person who said/write the quote, where and why.

These pictures can also be turned into inspiring photos for example put the pictures on your noticeboard or share them anyhow you like.

The material in this book is published under creative commons – CC-BY-SA, so this may be used how you wish, so allowing books to fly free on the internet!

Select the buttons below the post for the free pdf or the flipbook of inspirational quotes for kids, and enjoy an inspiring New Year from Free Kids Books!

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Contents from Inspirational Quotes for Kids 2020

It’s your attitude that counts – 4
Kindness – 5
Best job – 6
Glass half full – 7
All the good things in life – 8
Give them your smile – 9
The power of eduction – 10
Failure and success – 11
Your consent – 12
Think differently – 13
Tides, with and against – 14
The pen is mightier than the sword – 15
Unless you care – 16
Against Odds – 17
Accept and be you – 18
No action, no mistakes – 19
Never look down on anyone – 20
Why fit in? – 21
The starfish – 22
Be kind – 23
Be the change – 24
20 years from now – 25
Fairytales – 26


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