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About Mustard Seed

Founded in 1995 to provide community development work building low income houses, Mustard Seed provides a variety of community resources helping low income families. Director Rick Chan Frey, has a PhD in education at U.C. Berkeley and has been writing and presenting on the books project at a number of educational conferences.

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A very cute non-fiction book for early grades (aimed at Grade 1) about baby animals. Another great creative commons book from Mustard Seed Books.

A non-fiction book all about tigers. This book is levelled to guided reading Level H, for grades 1 to 2 with 245 words. Another great creative commons book from Mustard Seed Books.

A very cute account of a baby lion’s day, aimed at young children or those learning to read. Another great Creative Commons book from Mustard Seed.

I See Colours – A short book with the phrase I see…. and animals of different colors. A nice short book for very small children and early readers.


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  • Charlotte writes:
    i loved this book

    Evelyn writes:
    I liked how every animal was different, but it said the same thing over and over.

    Shabeeb writes:
    It was GREAT! I love to read this book because I am little too.

    Louise Nemeth writes:
    Repetition and great pictures just what I needed.

    Leah O’Bryan writes:
    Beautiful photos that my students will enjoy!

    Jackie writes:
    great for teaching English as a second language to toddlers

    Ana victoria writes:
    I like the book

    Andrew writes:
    This book is very cute.


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