The Elephant Bird

the elephant birdThe Elephant Bird is a beautifully illustrated story of mistaken identity, illuminating people’s fear of the unknown, and how important it is to understand and respect others differences.

Munia was different from the other children. She could not run. It was her differences that first made her notice the Elephant Bird – he was just like her, she could not run, he could not fly. She knew another secret the elephant bird kept, and when the elephant bird is accused of swallowing the village horse, she is determined to help prove his innocence.

By: Arefa Tehsin, Sonal Goyal, Sumit Sakhuja


Sample Page from The Elephant Bird:

The Elephant BirdMunia knew that the giant, one-feathered elephant bird had not swallowed the horse. Yes, he was big enough to swallow a horse, but that didn’t mean he had! The village of Adhania had only one horse-cart pulled by the two horses Vayu and Drut. And Vayu had gone missing near the lake in the jungle where the bird lived.The villagers had known about the elephant bird for generations.

The Elephant BirdHe was the last of his race, which was considered extinct for hundreds of years. The world did not know that the
living relic of that race, who had lost all his feathers but one, still roamed the jungles of Adhania.
The bird and the villagers kept a safe distance from each other. But not Munia. Although she walked with a limp,
she was brave of heart. She often slipped into the jungle to watch the elephant bird.

<End of Sample Page from The Elephant Bird>

About the Book:

This story is inspired by the real Elephant Bird (scientific name: Aepyornis maximus), the biggest bird that walked our planet. It inhabited the island of Madagascar. With more and more settlements on the island, and more forests ruined, the species became extinct around 1700 CE.

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