The Willies

the williesWhat gives you the willies? Strange noises? Creepy shadows? The feeling you are being watched? For a 12-year-old boy lost on Halloween night, it is all of these things and more. Are the Willies just something we feel, or are they actually little monsters that love to torment us when we are at our most vulnerable? Find out more about it in this rhyming story…And remember…there’s no such thing as monsters.

Author: Ethan Crownberry

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Text and Images from The Willies

On Halloween night, if you hear someone scream,
like they’ve just woken up from a nightmarish dream,
it might be a goblin, or a ghoul, or a ghost,
or a big hairy monster that’s scared them the most…

But take it from me, out of all we can list,
there are scarier things in the world that exist.
There are things we can’t see but can certainly hear,
and the sounds that they make fill our hearts up with fear.
There are things we can feel but we just can not touch,
and the thought of such things makes our heart beat too much.
There are things we hear lurking behind closet doors,
in our attics, our basements, our walls, and our floors.
There are things that go “bump” in the darkness of night,
and sometimes they even go “bump” in the light.
Yes, of all of the monsters, the big and the small,
the Willies, I’d say, are the worst of them all…

And one night it had happened, some time around eight.
I was on my way home and was running quite late.
I was out on the street; I was not yet a teen,
just a lad barely twelve out on ol’ Halloween.
I had just left a friend’s, where his dad told a story,
a Halloween tale quite macabre and quite gory.
Now, the story he told had no meaning or plot,
it was just a grim tale meant to scare us a lot.
But what scared me the most, and what stuck in my head,
was the last thing of all, out of all he had said.
He said,

<end of sample>


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Comments 1

  • Danielle (editor) writes:
    A really great story about how our imagination creates fear! I look forward to reading this to my children when they are a little older.

    Jeremiah writes:
    this is good book for people that think monsters are real

    Emma Laybourn writes:
    I love the atmospheric illustrations and the clever rhymes in this book about a boy who sees monsters in the dark. A great story for older children who might be a bit afraid of the dark themselves – or who just like being scared!