Zanele Situ’s Story – Biography for Early Grades

Zanele Situ Story biography for kidsZanele Situ’s Story is the true story of the first African woman to win a gold medal at the paralympics, an amazing story of overcoming disability and achieving success despite extreme difficulty.

As a young girl Zanele Situ was told that she would never walk again. Loving sports she was very sad. But being in a wheelchair did not stop her. She worked and trained hard, and became a winning athlete on the world stage.

An inspiring biography that will make children think. The length and content are perfect for school projects in early grades.

Another great creative commons book from Bookdash.


Illustrated by Jesse Breytenbach
Written by Liz Sparg
Designed by Andy Thesen

Sample Text and Images from Zanele Situ’s Story

I was born in summer, in a town called Matatiele in the Eastern Cape. Matatiele is near Lesotho where there are many mountains. In the winter they are covered with snow.

Zanele SituMy father was a builder and he moved from place to place to find work. We moved to Lesotho and that’s where I started school. I was very happy. But when I was eleven years old, I grew tired and weak, and then I couldn’t walk. My parents took me to the hospital.

Zanele SituI had to stay in hospital for three years.I was very tired and I slept many hours every day. After three years the doctors told me I would not be able to walk again.

I was very sad because I love sports.

“Zanele has TB in her spine. It has attacked her nerves. I am very sorry, but she will be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.”

Zanele SituI went to a special school in Umtata, and my teachers encouraged me. It was a very busy school, with lots of activities like sport and sewing. On weekends we had tasks to do. We had to clean our rooms, polish our shoes and clean our wheelchairs.

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Zanele Situ's story for kids

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  • We used this book as the material for my kindergartner’s non-fiction homework assignment. She enjoyed learning about Zanele Situ. The format was great, and the story was straight to the point, and easy for her to understand.

  • what age group is this book for?

  • I like this story. Because it have a special motto and simple language.