Animal Homes – Early Readers

This book is a creative commons book from Mustard Seed books, available in English and Spanish.

A perfect book for inspiring some nature projects for example making a home for a pet or soft toy (real or make believe) and learning about looking after animals and taking responsibility.


Sample Text from Book:

People live in houses and apartments. Where do animals live?

Foxes live in holes in the ground that help them hide and keep warm.

<End of Page 2>

Guided Reading: E, Grade Level: 1.5, Reading Recovery: 7

Word Count: 103, Pages 8,  Mustard Seed Set 2 – Mid 1st Grade

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About Mustard Seed:

 Mustard Seed Neighborhood Development Corporation was founded in 1995, it still continues its community development work by supporting public education, recreation programs and community gardening. The Organization is run by Executive Director Rick Chan Frey.

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