The Magic Powder – A Folktale From Myanmar

Another great free story from Pratham and Storyweaver.

Author: Greystroke
Illustrator: P.G. Dinesh



Text and Images from The Magic Powder, A folktale from Myanmar

All day, and for days on end, Theingi spent his time in experiments, searching for a breakthrough. Soon, all their money was over, and young Thuza had to struggle to buy food for the two of them. She became very worried. “You should find a job soon,” she pleaded with her husband. “We cannot continue like this!”

But Theingi wouldn’t listen. “I’m on the verge of a breakthrough! Why do I have to work when we will be rich beyond our wildest dreams? We will soon be able to turn all the dirt we find into gold!”

Disheartened, Thuza approached her father, wise old Thet, for a solution. Thet was surprised when he heard that his son-in-law was an alchemist. He thought for a while and asked to see Theingi. Thuza returned home happily that day, for she knew her wise father would have a solution.

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