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  • i like using this website

  • I thought this was easy to follow format, with common English and Spanish phrases used at school.

  • Anon writes:
    My 2 year old picks up the book and asks to “read Panish book,” she especially enjoys the Santa story. The book does a good job keeping the kids entertained while teaching them Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

    Charlotte writes:
    Great book

    Shaira writes:
    An educational book for children

    Andy writes:
    Very nice, the only thing for someone who is just learning Spanish names like Federico and Celeste may be hard to pronounce, it would be better to stick to Ana or Jose so as to keep it a little bit more simple

    Editor response: Thanks so much Andy, this is really valuable advice for the author, we authors sometimes overlook the value of phonetics, sounding out, and simple words in at this level of reading, that is where the books are designed for a child to begin to read (compared to an advanced reader, or a read to book). Thanks again for your input, and happy reading! Danielle


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