Stick’s Master Piece

Cute, little Stick doesn’t know how to paint a masterpiece, but she can do small and simple things. The combination of all these small and simple things, composed over time, become her masterpiece. And the result is more beautiful than she could have imagined!

Another awesome creative commons adventure from sticks, and the Brothers Whim

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Sample Text From Stick’s Masterpiece

Sad little Stick gazed up in fear. Where could she even start?

This whole entire page was hers, but she could not do art.

<End of Page 1>

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About The Brothers Whim

The Brother’s Whim motto is “We make the best stories we can, and then give them away. No copyrights.”  Just like Free Kids Books, the Brothers Whim want to make money selling books instead of downloads. They also feel, like I do, that the more our stories are downloaded and shared for free the better. They have gone one step further than most private authors by licensing their books as creative commons without commercial restrictions. That is, the books are licensed under CC-BY-SA


This means you can even re-use them commercially, your only requirement is to mention The Brothers Whim as the original creators, and you must share your derivative works with others, like we did with you. This is a pay it forward concept, that fortunately the new digital world is embracing with open arms. The more books out there in creative commons the better!

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