Celeste gets more than she bargained for in the move to Cripley Hollow – with magic, an imp named Grumblemunch who loves cookies, and Professor Prettypaws, an eloquent tabby.

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After an exceptionally positive reception to the book Conversations Among Cats, Gabriel Rosenstock has delved deeper into the world of cats with this expanded second edition – MORE Conversations Among Cats. The insights are playful and cat-like, and the conversations are longer and more intriguing than the first popular book. Enjoy this interlude into the …

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its all the cats fault

It’s All The Cat’s Fault a classic variation of “the dog ate my homework” for cat lovers, perfect for getting children to read who hate homework. Another great creative commons book from Pratham / Storyweaver. The dog ate his homework but why it is the cats fault? Read this story and witness the series of …

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story about a disabled kitten

The Amazing Max and the Young Inventor follows the story of a disabled kitty Max on his journey to acceptance. Along the way meet his adoptive family Bill & Kate, the Young Inventor Marc, and wise old Seymour the Blue-Tongue lizard who all help to shape an amazingly wonderful and rewarding future for a “special …

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Cats! An early reader about cats

Cats! Provides an early reader about cats for cat lovers everywhere. See all the cats and follow their adventures in simple phrases and words for learning and progressive readers. Cat lovers will enjoy this beautifully photographed children’s picture book. Cats! is a Bookbot book, Bookbot is an app that helps children learn to read independently …

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watch out the tiger is here short story for toddlers and early readers about tigers

The tiger is a big cat, and he needs to hunt often, but why does everyone know he is here? Find out in Watch Out the Tiger is Here, a short beautifully illustrated picturebook for young children about a tiger. This book is a creative commons book brought to us by Pratham and Storyweaver. The …

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In New Pussy Cat a family is looking for a new cat, one is too big, one is too small, one is too fast. Then they find one which is just right. This book can be coloured in too. Author: Ritah Katetemera, Illustrator: Marion Drew   Sample Text from New Pussy Cat – Looking for …


Gabriel Rosenstock overhears these delightful conversations among cats set to the beautiful images of Elizabeth Fearne Bonsall. Sample Page from Conversations Among Cats What will we do today?” “Kill a mouse. What else?” “Kill a mouse? Do we have to?” “Yes.” “Meeow! Well, if you insist.” “I insist.” “Come on. Shake a leg! Let’s tell …

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Have you ever wondered what your Cat does when you are at school? Find out in this cute rhyming tale

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A non fiction book all about cats, big and small, including review questions and a writing exercise at the end. This is a well presented and well written creative commons addition from Open Equal Free, categorised by OEF as Level 4. By: Michael A. Jones  

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