come back cat

Come Back Cat – A short and very sweet, delightfully illustrated story about an independent cat. Another great creative commons book from BookDash. The few words and large text size with repetition makes is very suitable for building confidence and keeping attention spans with early readers. Illustrated by Karen Lilje, Written by Nicola Rijsdijk, Designed by Sam …

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its all the cats fault

It’s All The Cat’s Fault a classic variation of “the dog ate my homework” for cat lovers, perfect for getting children to read who hate homework. Another great creative commons book from Pratham / Storyweaver. The dog ate his homework but why it is the cats fault? Read this story and witness the series of …

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mine wants aride

Minny Wants a Ride – Minny sees the chair and wants a ride – is she injured, or disabled, or lazy? Or is it just in her nature? A public domain book from Pratham. By: Pratham Public Domain       See more books about diversity and differences below    


A non fiction book all about cats, big and small, including review questions and a writing exercise at the end. This is a well presented and well written creative commons addition from Open Equal Free, categorised by OEF as Level 4. By: Michael A. Jones  

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the stinky kitten - childrens story

The Stinky Kitten, a children’s story about a naughty kitten, follows a delightful tale of a little kitten who gets himself in trouble. He finds that the most unlikely of friends are the ones that help him out the most. The moral – judge your friends by their acts not their words. Sample Text from …

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Puss in Boots is classic tale of how a clever cat gains wealth for his master through trickery. This version, is a short illustrated version of the classic tale, with classic pictures. This adaptation retold by Kiwi Opa     Sample Text and Images From Puss in Boots: Once upon a time there lived a …

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pisu's revenge MG fantasy cover

Pisu’s Revenge is a middle-grade fantasy novel about the adventures of Tefnut, a reluctant heroine and DFOA (dominant Female Over All), also a cat. Tefnut is required to keep order in a place called Ailuria (The Kingdom of the Cats), a difficult task when the cats, obligate carnivores, are not allowed to eat anyone. Pisu’s …

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This very cute non-fiction book for young children is all about wild cats, from common big cats to more diverse, it also makes a great learning to read age book which can spark some research ideas for homeschool or general interest study. Wild Cat! Wild Cat! Is a creative commons book from Storyweaver, rated as level …

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pepper and carrot episode 2 remixed popular webcomic

In Episode 2 of Pepper and Carrot, Carrot has his eyes on a rainbow potion. Is it going to be a good idea to sneak around behind Pepper’s back or not? Download or read online this adapted version of Pepper and Carrot – The Rainbow potion, a popular webcomic to find out. Pepper and Carrot …

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Pepper and Carrot Episode 14 pdf image

Pepper and Carrot Episode 14 PDF Another amazing episode in the Pepper and Carrot comic, in The Dragon’s Tooth Pepper comes up with a novel solution for a problem, but is it the right problem she’s solving to begin with? This comic with the beautiful illustrations and endearing characters is brought to us in Creative …

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