feelings pre-school book

How Do You Feel is a book about recognizing emotions, suitable for young children. Each page simply has an emotion on it, and a picture of someone feeling it. This is perfect for pre-school children, and opens up discussion for the children about emotions, how it feels, how others feel, and what to do about …

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a zebra called dottie

A Zebra Called Dottie – Who’s my dad? Why do all the other kids have a dad and I don’t know who my dad is? What is the meaning of beauty? Am I beautiful? What should I do when kids make fun of me at school?In this endearing tale, spotty the zebra, learns the answers that …

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out and about

Out and About Another great book from the i-Character series, encouraging children to overcome shyness when greeting others. The book also a key point for children about feelings. How to identify our own feelings, and other people’s feelings, acknowledging other people’s feelings, and modifying behaviour to make others feel good. By: Agnes and Salem de Bezenac …

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fading flowers

Fading Flowers – Flowers look sad when they’re fading, just like our faces when we’re sad or angry, but flowers look very beautiful and happy when they’re fresh. A little girl compares her sad face to the wilting flowers, and her happy face to the fresh flowers. What will she choose? A story about being …

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what is love

What is Love describes all the cool parts of love, how love makes you want to do stuff for others, and how love is beyond not feeling like it. Another great book from icharacter with some important lessons. By: Agnes and Salem De Bezenac     See more books from the Author below    

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