How Do You Feel – A feelings book to inspire discussion

How Do You FeelHow do you feel is a book about recognizing emotions, suitable for young children. Each page simply has an emotion on it, and a picture of someone feeling it. This is perfect for pre-school children, and opens up discussion for the children about emotions, how it feels, how others feel, and what to do about it.

Author: Menaka

Illustrators: Angie & Upesh, Archana Sreenivasan, Greystroke, Jithin Jacob, Madhuri Purandare, Priya Kuriyan, Rijuta Ghate, Soumya Menon, Sukhada Rahalkar..


Sample Page from How Do You Feel:







<End of Sample Page  from How Do You Feel>

Here’s some ideas for activities or for how to use the book:

  • Show the page without the text and have children guess the emotion.
  • Ask children to talk about a time they felt this emotion.
  • Ask children to discuss emotions in the book that they have experienced which make them feel good or feel bad and why.
  • List the emotions in the book as what the children think are those that make them feel good or bad and ask them if there are other emotions they can think of they have felt to add to the list.

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