The Caterpillar And The Butterfly And Other Poems – Pell G and Kanika G

Written by Kanika G, Illustrated by Pell G






Sample from The Caterpillar And The Butterfly And Other Poems


Eight Thumbs the octopus                                           This is Mr. Wobbly
is swimming in the sea                                                He doesn’t have a spine
With his friends all around                                           I am not being rude
he’s as happy as can be                                              For a jelly fish, that’s fine

Mr. Sea Horse looks fat                                               Here comes a dolphin
Did I hear him right?                                                   She’s funny and cute
Cause a pregnant man,                                               She’s friendly and playful,
is an amazing sight!                                                    and also astute

Here’s my best friend                                                  Under the sea
She is a star!                                                              is a nice place to be
I’m telling the truth, in fact,                                         It never gets boring
all star fishes are.                                                       in such diverse company

<end of sample>

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