The New Kid

The New KidThe New Kid – Neha has just returned from a long vacation. Her friends give her a warm welcome. But in the time she was gone, a new family has moved in to the housing society and her friends have issues with the new kid. Neha wants to be friendly with him, but will her old friends tolerate that, or will she lose her old friends in making a new one? Read on to find out.

This book has lovely colour illustrations by Deepa Nath, the awesome charcoal sketch artist mentioned in Tania Visits An Art Exhibition.

This is a chapter book about 4000 words long, suitable for 8 to 12 year old kids.

Text from The New Kid

A Warm Welcome

Neha had just returned from a vacation with her parents. She
was eager to meet her friends. I wonder if Priya missed me,
she thought, as she skipped to Priya’s apartment.

Priya’s mother, Renu answered the doorbell. “Hello, Neha.
How was your holiday? You went to Shimla, right? It must
have been really cold.”

Neha had been waiting for someone to ask. “Yes aunty. My
aunt dropped me off at my dada-dadi’s place in Indore. I
stayed there for a few weeks. Then my parents joined us
there, and we all went to Shimla together for a week. Shimla
was amazing aunty. I saw snow for the first time ever!
Where is Priya? I can’t wait to tell her all about it.”

“That is lovely Neha. Priya is taking a shower. She should
be here in a minute.” Renu walked to the corridor and called
out loudly. “Priya, are you done? Neha is here.”

The New Kid

Just then Priya emerged, towelling her wet hair. She rushed
over to give Neha a hug. “Oh hi Neha. You are finally back.
I missed you. I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

A few minutes later, the two 10 year old girls, stepped out of
Priya’s apartment. Neha was chattering away about
snowmen and a horse ride on a snowy mountain. As they
waited for the elevator, a woman stepped out of another
apartment on the same floor and entered the elevator, with
them. Neha frowned, but said nothing, until they were all
out of the elevator. “Hey who was that lady? Doesn’t Vibha
dadi live there any more?”

Priya raised her eyebrows. “Oh I forgot. You have been
away more than a month. Vibha dadi had a bad fall. She was
really weak. She loves staying alone you know, but the
doctors said it is too dangerous. So her daughter finally
managed to convince her to move to Bangalore. They have
given the apartment on rent. The new tenants just moved in
10 days ago.”

“Really? Do they have any kids our age?” Neha loved
making new friends.

“Well yes.” Priya seemed reluctant to talk about it.
“Is it a boy or a girl? Come on tell me.” Neha asked
curiously as they stepped in to the play area. Then she
suddenly stopped, when she saw Arun playing with her
friends, Rohan, Sasha and Nikhil. “Hey, how come Arun is
playing with our group? I thought we got rid of him. He is
such a bully.”

“Oh! Arun is fine. He doesn’t bully us any more. He is quite
funny and knows a lot of stuff. He is almost 12 you know.”
Priya urged Neha along.

<end of text>

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