And Also! A story about using imagination in play

Thabo is playing a game of pretend. His sister Keitu wants to join in. To begin with Thabo thinks this is not great. But, wait…

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Illustrated by Anja Venter, Written by Lauren Beukes

Text from And Also!

Thabo pretends that his bed is a raft on the sea!

His little sister Keitu says, “Yes! And also! There are sharks.”

“No!” says Thabo.

Thabo pretends that their taxi is a spaceship!

His little sister Keitu says, “Yes!
And also! Watch out for shooting stars!”

“No,” says Thabo.

Thabo pretends the playground is a jungle!

His little sister Keitu says, “Yes! And also! We are lions.”

“No,” says Thabo.

“Oh!” says Thabo, “Wait! Wow! Yes!
That’s a great idea!”

“I know!” says Keitu.

Thabo pretends to be a lion!

Keitu also pretends to be a lion!

Thabo pretends the other kids are a river of crocodiles!

Keitu says, “Yes! And also! We can jump on this log to oat away.”

“Yes! And also!”
Thabo says, “We can slide down the rainbow!”

Keitu says, “Yes! And also! Watch out for the dinosaurs!”

Thabo says,“I had the best day playing pretend with you.”

Keitu says, “And also!

We should play again tomorrow!

<End of Text from And Also!>

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