Bees Like Flowers

bees like flowersWhy do bees and butterflies like flowers so much? This book helps us find out. A beautifully illustrated tale of bees and flowers, including an English and a Spanish free eBook version, and available in paperback on Amazon.

This is from the Mummy Nature Series: A mini nature lesson wrapped up in colour and rhyme.

By: Rebecca Bielawski

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See the Spanish Version of this book here: Bees Like Flowers Spanish

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Comments 12

  • – A very nice review for this beautiful book on readers favourites

  • I am currently working on my degree in child care and this book is perfect for teaching young children about bees!

  • very sweet and I loved the pictures and wording. not too complicated to read to little ones.

  • Easy to read, pages bright sun fill pages, lots of information.

  • Handy to use in your classroom too, to teach about bees.

  • Good book.

  • thanks so much for this book.its a wonderful refresher,especially for my story time after the lesson on bees and flower.

  • Its so easy. The book was so cute and informative for my 5 year old

  • Patricia writes:
    This was a cute educational book that 4 year old son enjoyed very much!

    Jennifer writes:
    This is both cute and beautiful. the colors and artwork are amazing

    Meredith writes:
    I like the part when the bees made the honey

    Thanh writes:
    this book is very beautyful

    Michael7 writes:
    I loved the bee’s. And I also loved the same thing she was saying. The first one was funny!

    rylee writes:
    I love this book soooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo much.

    Miss N writes:
    Beautifully illustrated with vibrant colours

    Celine writes:
    It was amazing. i give it 10/10

    Ida writes:
    Was a great picture book with fun facts that keeps kids interested and see these in a different perspective

  • ANN JOSEPH writes:
    Great one for toddlers. Classy illustration. My 18 mth shouts beeeeee….. With each page. He also likes to imitate the girl licking honey, off the picture in the end.. And says yummmy!

    Neha writes:
    Good book to teach children about pollination, honey making process and bees.

    zoey writes:
    it was brilliant as stated by my 4 year old

    Hyunsoo writes:
    This book is very interesting and fun!

    amirah writes:
    It was an excellent bee story

    Xavier writes:
    I enjoyed this a lot.

    Justin Shepard writes:
    We enjoyed how informative the story was while still being a fun read. My daughter stayed engaged the entire book even about insects and flower names at the end.

  • Sana writes:
    My daughters loved the story☺️

    athirah writes:
    very interesting to read with my little baby

    Deepika Goyal writes:
    Very good book!!

    Ty writes:
    I like this book because it is about bees and honey

    DONNA writes:

    parul jain writes:
    very nice and educational pictorial book.My 4 year old understand it very easily.

    Do Hong Minh writes:
    Bees like flowers, it’s really interesting and has a lot of wonderful pictures, good new words as well.

    Ann writes:
    Very informative, but with smiley faces on the flowers, it looks like fiction.

    Jack writes:
    This bee is so cute! My son love it very much.

  • Courtney writes:
    Great book! I read it to my baby in the womb and I’m 5 months pregnant and she kicked throughout the story.

    Liza writes:
    so much fun!

    mia and kodie writes:
    we like the bees because they make honey

    Emilee writes:
    I liked the bee’s and how they move pollen around to many other flowers and make the honey. writes:
    nice reading material for a 5 year old.

    Carla writes:
    This is a delightful book great for preschoolers.

    Maxene writes:
    Excellent book

    Abby writes:
    Wonderful simple educative story time book!!


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