Finbo the Whale

Finbo the WhaleFinbo the whale loves playing hide and seek, but he always loses. He is different from all the other fish, he is much bigger than them.  An endearingly cute story about learning values, the importance of appreciating differences, and avoiding peer pressure, and as a bonus there are some fun facts about whales. This book is highly recommended for use in school projects for early grades, there are many lessons and topics for exercises. Word count: 1090.

Author: Janaki Sooriyarachchi

Text and Images from Finbo the Whale

Finbo the WhaleFar away in the deep blue ocean, there lived a little blue whale named Finbo. Even though he was called little, he was not little by any means. The baby Finbo was very much bigger than all of his friends. His favourite pastime was playing ìhide and seekî with his friends in and around the rocky areas. But there was one thing which disappointed him all the time. That was, whenever they played hide and seek, Finbo ended up being on the losing end. No matter how hard he tried to hide, his friends would find him in no time. Since Finbo was so big, it was very easy for his friends to find him, because he stuck out from behind wherever he was trying to hide.

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About the Author: Janaki Sooriyarachchi is a highly respected author from Sri Lanka with an exceptional community spirit. Janaki Sooriyarachchi is a highly respected author from Sri Lanka with an exceptional community spirit. She demonstrates her value for contribution by continuing to make her books available for free for download at, some of which are reproduced here with Tikiri’s permission.

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