ELA Activity Book Grade 1 Teachers Guide – OSBC Ships Log Basic Level

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Each “Job Card” or lesson plan matches an activity in the Grade 1 ELA Activity Book also available for this resource here:
Grade 1 ELA Activity Book – Basic OSBC

Contents of Grade 1 ELA Activity Book Teachers Guide

Let’s Make Sentences! 5
Let’s Make Questions! 7
Let’s Add ing to Words! 9
Let’s Add ed to Words! 12
Let’s Find Out About Root Words 15
Let’s Make Plural Words! 17
Let’s Make More Plural Words! 19
Let’s Make Contractions! 23
Let’s Make Compound Words! 26
I Can Use a and an! 28
Let’s Make Possessive Words! 30
I Can Write a Letter! 32
I Can Send a Letter! 35
I Know these Special Words! 37
The Alphabet 39
Initial Consonants and Short Vowel Sounds 41
Blending Skills 44
Spelling 48
I Know My ABC! 50

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