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Grade 1 ELA Activity BookThis is a Grade 1 ELA Activity book for learning grammar. The activities include ordering words in a sentence, forming questions, suffixes “ing” and “ed”, plurals, contractions, compound words, a and an, ownership, and alphabet order.

This is a great activity book for school or homeschool use, or for extra homework to improve skills at a Grade 1 level, suitable for children age 5-7.

See this ELA textbook download or read the flipbook online of the full Grade 1 ELA Activity Book on the green buttons below this post.

This ELA workbook is also available in a parent guide (teaching guide), here: Grade 1 ELA Activity Book Basic Teachers Guide

This activity book is brought to us in creative commons (CC-BY-NC) by Open Schools BC, a distance learning specialist who supports open education resources. The book can be used for non-commercial purposes.

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Grade 1 ELA Activity Book ContentsGrade 1 ELA Activity Book

Activity 1 Sentence Sutouts Page 1-2
Activity 1a Reorder the Sentence Page 3
Make Questions Cutout Page 4
Activity 2 Change to Questions Page 5
Activity 2a Correct Questions Page 6
Activity 3 Adding “ing” Page 7
Activity 4 Adding “ed” Page 8
Activity 4a Root Word Cutout Page 9
Plurals Jigsaw Cutout Page 10-11
Activity 5 Plurals Match Page 12
Activity 5a Plurals Page 13
Plurals Cutout Page 14
Three Foxes Plural Game Page 15
Activity 6 Plurals Staircase Page 16
Contractions Cartoon Page 17
Contractions Activity Page 18
Activity 7 Contractions Activity Page 19
Compound Words Page 20
Compound Words Jigsaw Page 21-22
Activity 8a Compound Words Activity Page 23
A or An Activity Hop the Pond Page 25
Activity 9 A or An Activity Page 26
Activity 9a A or An Activity Page 27
Activity 10 Ownership Activity Page 28
Activity 10a Ownership Activity Page 29
Nursery Rhymes – circle the noun / verb / adjective Page 31
Activity 18 Alphabet Order Page 32
Activity 18 Alphabet Order Page 33


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