Sam Dragon – MG humour, a fairytale about being different

(Any young and newly converted vegetarians or vegans with staunch traditionalist parents, Sam’s out there with sympathy for your situation as am I! Vegetarians aren’t really the done thing in the land of milk and lamb…nor are maiden abstaining dragons in Sam’s world)

This is an incredibly endearing tale of a dragon who was a bit different, with downright knightly humour.

Sam Dragon is always up to mischief, and he will not do as he is told. Soon his naughtiness will get him into real trouble, and he’ll need to make his own way in a big, wide, dragon-fearing world. Luckily, he won’t be all alone. He will make the unlikeliest of friends, and together they will triumph against the odds. After all, sometimes even a dragon deserves a little bit of happily ever after.

A perfect bedtime book, Sam Dragon has something for all ages. There are maidens, knights (well, one knight), bad puns, wolves – even a cheeky squirrel. If you like dragons and you like mischief, and you don’t mind a tiny bit of ethical metaphysics, then you’ll love this story.

In this edition you will find five beautiful illustrations including Sam, Matilda and Sir Roderick.

No actual wolves were harmed (or eaten) in the making of this book.

Sample Text From Sam Dragon

One morning Sam woke up late. There was no one about. He got up and looked around.

No one.

No mum. No dad. No sister.

No breakfast.

He went to the ledge at the mouth of the cave. Then he saw his dad hovering.

“Back you go inside, my son,” said his dad, “I’ll find you some breakfast.”

He rooted about in the cave and came back with something.

“Only this piece of old wolf, I’m afraid,” he said.

“My favourite,” said Sam.

While Sam was eating, Dad told him that Mum was out shopping and that Catherine had eaten her breakfast and had gone to the dragon-school.

Dad said: “And today is your mother’s birthday. I must go into town, while she is out, to look for a birthday present – a maiden, if I can find one. While I’m gone, stay in the cave. Don’t go near the mouth. Remember, you can’t fly yet and the lake is very dangerous. Be good and STAY INSIDE!”

Then Dad went to the mouth of the cave. He spread his wings and floated out and down, away from the cliff and over the lake. Down he went. When it seemed that he must hit the water, he beat his powerful wings until he was skimming the tree-tops and speeding away at a great pace towards the town.

At first Sam did as he was told. He looked around the cave, but there was nothing unusual or fun there. So he went to the front of the cave and threw a few bones into the lake. It was so far down that he couldn’t hear the splash, unless he listened very carefully. Then he went on to the ledge to practise flapping his wings. He worked hard at it. Suddenly his feet lifted off the ground.

“I can fly,” he shouted, “At last, I can fly.”

He went to the very edge, flapped harder than ever and flew up and out a few feet. Then he tried to come back, but he had not learnt how to turn. He lost his balance and started to fall. He flapped his hardest, but it was no good.

“Help!” he shouted, “Help me!”

<End of Page One – Sam Dragon>

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