SpringLoaded – A Wordless Book

This is a picture book WITHOUT WORDS, a great adventure in creativity for children to make up their own story to go with the images, and perfect for reluctant readers, illustrating that books are about telling a story, and passing on a message, there is much more to it than just words.

Another great creative commons book from BookDash.

Author: Sam Wilson, Illustrator: Thea Nicole De Klerk

                                                       Designer: Chenél Ferreira



<end of excerpt>

Or read along the video below

About the Author:

Sam Wilson writer and Director in Cape Town, South Africa in 2008. Sam Wilson is “South Africa’s first Award Winning Mobilist” with his story “Prestige Animals” won Novel Idea‘s first mobile fiction competition.

About the Illustrator:

Thea Nicole de Klerk Cape Town, South Africa, she has a wide variety of skills: Illustration, Concept art, matte painting, story-boarding, and 2d animation. She Studies Philosophy & English Literature at The Open University.

About the Designer:

Chenél Ferreira Lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

About Book Dash

Bookdash is a non-profit, driven by the donation of time from talented volunteers. Their aim is to provide good quality books free into the creative commons arena so all children have access to literacy resources. Books are free to be used, shared, modified and published in any way, provided attribution is given and the same license is used.

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Comments 10

  • Class 3H wonders why they can breathe in space. We like that we can predict a lot in this book, it is filled with imagination, and the cat is very cute. A lot of us think that the girl is dead because they went to space and didn’t have oxygen. Some of us think that the book is a bit boring but some of us also love it. We love that we can decide what we want them to say. Thank you for reading! From 3H.

    • Hi Class 3H so glad you enjoyed this, yes I guess someone in space without O2 would be dead, but that’s the fun of kids books right? They can make-believe things that aren’t really possible. Why don’t you all write some words for the book and send us a new version? We would love to see this. Danielle (site editor)

  • I love your stories about dash

  • This book is so lovely! Very creative and expressive illustrations! Love it!!! Sadly, I am not able to download the PDF version either, even when trying multiple browsers!

  • I love the whole series,having problems printing this book.

    Reply: You have to download the pdf book then you should have no problem printing.

  • When I press the download button it says “this has been disabled”. Very disappointing as it seems like a fantastic resource!

  • The pictures are vivid and attractive. I think this book can easily be modified by the story teller to share with a variety of age levels.

  • This book helps with talking with kids about emotions and how they can help out the world


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