In Uncle Uh-Oh from Kanika G, a grouchy old man moves in to a new neighbourhood full of children. He snaps at the kids there a few times and they are terrified of him. He doesn’t talk to anyone, no one even knows his name. “Uh-oh! Here he comes.” the kids start to say when …

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Zanele Situ Story biography for kids

Zanele Situ’s Story is the true story of the first African woman to win a gold medal at the paralympics, an amazing story of overcoming disability and achieving success despite extreme difficulty. As a young girl Zanele Situ was told that she would never walk again. Loving sports she was very sad. But being in …

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The Elephant Bird

The Elephant Bird is a beautifully illustrated story of mistaken identity, illuminating people’s fear of the unknown, and how important it is to understand and respect others differences. Munia was different from the other children. She could not run. It was her differences that first made her notice the Elephant Bird – he was just like her, …

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A Helping Hand – A series of letters tell a heartwarming and inspiring tale of friendship and dealing with disabilities. The writer is asked to show the new girl around. To begin with it’s awkward, and the other kids don’t understand, but differences are what make us stronger! This story is about a young girl …

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Daksha lives in a remote hamlet in the Himalayas. After losing her family to flashfloods, she grows up in the village community and gains knowledge of herbal medicine by helping the Vaidya. A chance encounter opens up a new life that includes schooling. But Daksha longs for her mountain home….This is an inspirational story set …

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Is There Anyone Like Me? – A short story for young children about being unique. Another great Creative commons book from Bookdash. By: Fred Strydom, Jess Jardim-Wedepohl, Stephen Wallace     Text and Images from Is There Anyone Like Me? I wonder if there’s another me somewhere in the world. Who looks the same. And talks the …

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June Peters: You Will Save The World One Day – A young girl is inspired to help organise a community picnic for the homeless. An inspirational tale of how we can all make a difference if we just see a need and want to help. By: Alika Turner     Text and Images from June Peters: …

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Quarta – The Girl Born With Only Two Arms and Two Legs – Imagine a world where you didn’t have the same abilities as everyone else? What would you do? Quarta is another awesome free kids book from Stuart Baum at Stuart’s Stories. By: Stuart Baum   Text from Quarta – The Girl Born With Only …

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mine wants aride

Minny Wants a Ride – Minny sees the chair and wants a ride – is she injured, or disabled, or lazy? Or is it just in her nature? A public domain book from Pratham. By: Pratham Public Domain       See more books about diversity and differences below    



Robert, born to immigrant parents, and barely speaking English when he started school, was not considered athletic. Against odds, he becomes a top swimmer, winning many races and surprising his coach. Based on the true story of a hearing impaired Australian swimming champion. By: Elena Silva   See more books like these below    

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