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In Uncle Uh-Oh from Kanika G, a grouchy old man moves in to a new neighbourhood full of children. He snaps at the kids there a few times and they are terrified of him. He doesn’t talk to anyone, no one even knows his name. “Uh-oh! Here he comes.” the kids start to say when they see him. Eventually they start calling him Uncle Uh-Oh

Then one day, a month later, the most surprising thing happens. A man comes to the neighbourhood from far-far away to meet Uncle Uh-Oh. He tells the most incredible stories about Uh-Oh. He used to be a kind man who loved kids and taught them all sorts of interesting things. Then what could have happened, to make him such a grouch? It’s a mystery. Will the kids be able to figure it out and help him be friendly again? Read on to find out.

The amazing illustrations, which supplement the text, (as an early chapter book, not a picture book), are done by a talented 8 year old girl named Mishti Shah.

This book will bring a tear to your eye, and help teach an important safety lesson on looking, listening, and reinforcing safety rules, and on not judging people before getting to know them.

With 19 pages, approximately 4195 words, and three chapters, this book is perfect for an early chapter book for developing readers in lower middle grades (grade 3 to 5 or ages 7-10 reading levels). The topic also will suit their growing emotional development well, however it is a beautiful story for readers of all ages.

Sample Text from Uncle Uh-Oh.

The Grumpy Old Man (Chapter 1)

“Uh-Oh! Here he comes!” Mahesh whispered to Rahul. “Lets get out of here.”

Rahul nodded, and the two cycled away together as fast as possible. They ran in to Payal and warned her about Uncle Uh-Oh.

Nobody knew his real name, but that’s what the kids called him. A bespectacled, grey haired, clean shaven man, had moved in to the neighbourhood a month ago, but he spoke to no one. Kids, in particular, annoyed him. He shooed them away if they happened to be anywhere in his vicinity.

The kids were sad when uncle Mathur, who always had a smile for them and often slipped them toffees, moved to America, to spend more time with his grandchildren, who were growing up there. Then they saw Uncle Uh- Oh move in. When they saw him tending to the garden, left behind by uncle Mathur with such a loving expression on his face, they were sure he would be just as nice as uncle Mathur.

But as they hovered near the fence, hoping to be offered the last batch of good guavas, the tree would bear that year, they were shocked to hear him growl. “What are you all doing here? Go away to your homes. Don’t you dare touch my garden. Shoo! Scram.”

He sounded so stern and nasty, that the kids never approached the garden again. But, he even yelled at the poor kids cycling on the streets. Once, while he was on his way to the market, Nidhi went to fetch a soccer ball, that had fallen right in front of him. The children were surprised to see him bend to pick up the ball. But, when he handed it to Nidhi, she looked frightened, and he walked away in a huff.

“What happened Nidhi?” Rahul was concerned.

“I don’t know. He had such a strange look on his face. First I thought he was glaring at me, but his eye’s were fixed on the ball. Then he looked at me so angrily, as he gave me the ball. The man is crazy!”

<End of Page 1>

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