Under the Sea – Learn Sight Words

This book is available in Creative Commons CC-BY-NC. An editable version of this book can be found here, in open office format.

By: Free Kids Books – Danielle Bruckert

Sample Text and Images From Under The Sea

Under the sea, what do you see? Come and Look with me.

Under the sea, what do you see? Come and Look with me.

<End of Page 2>

About the Author

Danielle is big fan of children’s literacy and kids books. She started creating her own books as a break from her rather technical profession as an airline pilot. Her recent learn sight words books were written specifically to address needs she saw in her own children’s journey to become readers. They are shared here to help other emerging readers to learn common word groups from the high frequency sight words lists, for free.

About Sight Word Books

Sight word books are aimed at the learning to read age, with many repeated words. The common words are all from frequent use lists, or can be phonetically decoded. The words that do not fall into common sight words are those which can be identified by the picture. They are aimed at supporting learning at school or using in home school lessons. The book has a list of words used in the text at the end.

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