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high school calculus textbookHigh School Calculus is a text book that can be used to teach high school calculus in a classroom where no prescribed books are available, for setting additional homework, helping remedial or extension students at different levels, or as a home school text. The book can also suit as a text for a stand alone introductory college class in calculus for those who do not have sufficient high school calculus experience. The text contains a stand along explanation of the topic of Calculus, from introducting the concept and discussing pre-calculus requirements such as algebra and trigonometry, to complex calculus proofs.

The book includes many exercises and their worked solutions for pre-calculus, differentiation, integration, complex numbers, and many other topics.

We’ve converted this book to an epub to read better on tablets, download the epub here: Calculus for High School Textbook Epub


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This print edition of High School Calculus was created in March 2011.

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