San’s Quest – Ethnic Adventure

San the bushman drawing lives all alone in his cave. He finds out that there are others like him in the Karoo, but he is too scared to leave his cave. When he has the courage to venture out he meets a friend, Cham the chameleon. With the help his new friend they builds up the courage to face the fear of the unknown. 

Another great free children’s story from Carmen Saptouw.




Text and Images from San’s Quest:

San was a bushman drawing who lived on a rock in a cave deep in the Karoo.
He was the only bushman in the cave. Engraved with him were his spear and boomerang.
During the day he remained on the rock as humans would visit the cave at times.
Only at night he would climb from his rock and wander around the cave.
He would walk from wall to wall just to make sure he didn’t miss a fellow drawing even though he knew there was none other.

One day a group of humans entered his home. They were looking for drawings.
“Oh look, here is one,” he heard as one pointed directly at him. The group gathered in front of him.
“But there is only one drawing,” said the group. San could hear their disappointment.
“There are other caves in the area filled with drawings. We will go there next,” said one of the humans as
he led the group out of the cave.



More drawings like me, can it be? San thought. He emerged from the rock as he wanted to ask them
about the so-called other drawings like him, but he knew he couldn’t reveal himself to his visitors.
He decided to climb back into his rock.

That evening, as night was coming to an end, he sat in his cave wondering about what the human said.
He unexpectedly heard a buzzing sound. It was a fly and right behind the fly was a four-legged creature
who was sticking out his tongue. San realized that it was trying to catch the fly.
San took his spear from the rock and charged towards the green monster.
He threw his spear, but missed the monster by an inch.

“What do you think you’re doing?” shouted the green monster.
“I am preventing you from doing any harm to that poor creature,” he said as he sprinted towards his spear.
“He is not a poor creature. That is my breakfast, now put your stick down and let me be!”

“No, I will not!” San said bravely. Suddenly the buzzing noise sped passed them.
“Now look what you have done,” said the four-legged creature as he watched his breakfast escape from
the cave. He turned around and followed the fly. Without thinking, San followed.
“Leave him alone!” he shouted at the green monster.

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