Twinklinka – A lesson about values

Author: Janaki Sooriyarachchi


Text and Images from Twinklinka

One day, not so long ago, a special new doll arrived at the toy shop. Fresh from the factory in her very own box, the doll’s name was printed in colorful, sparkly letters across the lid, “Twinklinka.”

“Oh, isn’t she beautiful?” The shopkeeper cried out, as he opened the box.
The sales assistants all gathered around, excited at the arrival of the new doll.
“Yes, she’s certainly gorgeous. Those jewels on her dress and her hair twinkle like diamonds,” said one sales assistant. “Yes, that must be why she’s named Twinklinka,” said another.
“A pretty little princess would surely buy this beauty at any price.” “Yes, yes. I’m sure we can put a very high price on her and sell with no trouble,” said the shopkeeper.

The sales assistant took Twinklinka out of the box and placed her carefully on the best rack of the shop. None of them knew that the toys from this factory were able to hear everything that went on around them and talk to each other. So, they had no idea that Twinklinka was secretly listening to all they said. “Oh, am I really so pretty?”
she wondered. Glancing around quickly, to make sure no one was looking, she stretched up on her toes and peered
into the large mirror on the wall. She blinked in surprise at what she saw. “Is that really me?”
She could not believe her eyes. “What lovely rosy pink cheeks I have! And such deep blue eyes…
and all those golden curls! Just look at my silk stockings and all the lace, pearls and sparkles on my dress. Can those be diamonds in my hair, twinkling like stars?”
“…..And they said that a ‘pretty little princess’ would buy me. It sounds like someone really special.”
Of course Twinklinka had no idea what a “princess” was, but she thought that it would be someone very sweet and elegant, like the lovely girls she had seen in picture books.

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About the Author: Janaki Sooriyarachchi is a highly respected author from Sri Lanka with an exceptional community spirit. She demonstrates her value for contribution by continuing to make her books available for free for download at, some of which are reproduced here with Tikiri’s permission.

Janaki publishes many free books, several of which she has given Free Kids Books permission to publish, check out Other Books on FKB by Janaki.


This book has an important lesson about values, if you are interested in other books about value, see our Values Category.




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