Fat King Thin Dog – मोटा राजा दुबला कुत्ता Hindi

hindi मोटा राजा 􀀈बला कु􀀍ामोटा राजा दुबला कुत्ता, a Hindi Story – Tells the story of a fat king and his dog, The king run after his dog who was chasing a bird. What could be the outcome of this story? Will the King stay fat? This is a funny story perfect for young children.

This is a Hindi Level 1 book from Pratham’s Storyweaver, This book is perfect for young children who want to start reading in Hindi first or second language, and beginner Hindi language learners or bilingual children. The book contains many wonderful pictures along with very small words. Level 1 books are suited for children age 2-5 years old.

मोटा राजा दुबला कुत्ता (Hindi), translated by Manisha Chaudhry, based on original story Fat King Thin Dog (English), written by Parismita, illustrated by Parismita, published by Pratham Books (© Pratham Books, 2007) under a CC-BY 4.0 license on StoryWeaver. Read, create and translate stories for free on

Text from मोटा राजा दुबला कुत्ता – a Hindi Story

यह है मोटा राजा।

Hindi मोटा राजा दुबला कुत्तामोटे राजा का है बला कु।
मोटा राजा व बला कु घूमने नकले।

बले कु ने चड़या देखी।
वह उसके पीछे भागा।

Hindi मोटा राजा दुबला कुत्तामोटा राजा बले कु के पीछे भागा।

दोन भागे।
और कई दन तक भागते रहे!

Hindi मोटा राजा दुबला कुत्तामोटे राजा ने बले कु को पकड़ ही लया।

मोटा राजा अब बला है!

<end of story Fat King Thing Dog Hindi version>

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