Maurya’s Magical Monsoon Morning

Maurya wakes up one morning to rather strange weather conditions. But it doesn’t just look magical, it actually is magical, and Maurya gets caught up in the magic. What happens when Maurya eats pomegranate seeds that appear out of nowhere? Will things ever be the same again for Maurya? Read on to find out!

Written By: Kanika G, Mini G


Excerpt from the book – Maurya’s Magical Monsoon Morning

One Saturday morning, Maurya woke up when the sun shone in to his eyes through the curtains. He was excited, because he loved

playing tennis with his papa on sunnymornings. But, when he opened the curtains, he was surprised to see that it was raining heavily, and the sun was shining brightly through dark gray clouds.
How was that possible? He wanted to know. He ran out of the house in his pajamas. He lived on the 21st floor of a high rise building, but he was too excited to wait for the lift. So, he ran down lots and lots of stairs. Finally, he was out in the open soaking in the rain, on the lawn, in front of the building.



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  • Yes i did because i like fantasy stories.It was very cool when he turned back in to a boy.Also,i like waffles with syrup.

  • It was a little confusing because we thought it would be about a monsoon. We liked it because the boy turned into a coo coo bird and we liked it when Gamala threw her toys to scare him away.

  • Have a 7 year old nephew visiting & he enjoys reading.

    • Awesome! You can have a whole library here for him and not have to keep it around when he goes home :-)….Check out the categories on the side, and to narrow down age range select the age filters at the top, he will most likely fit the category “children” or possibly “older children” depending on his reading level.


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