A Cloud of Trash – Picture Book About The Environment

A Cloud of Trash is an awesome picture book to introduce children to caring about the environment, and to help them care about their surroundings, bedrooms, classrooms, toys etc. It can probably help some adults too in some emerging cultures!!! The book has some great learning points and starting points for lessons included at the end.

Author: Karanjeet Kaur
Illustrator: Bhavana Vyas Vipparthi


Sample Text and Images from A Cloud of Trash:

She was certainly the unhappiest girl in her entire class.

She was perhaps the unhappiest girl in the world.


Friends? Cheekoo had no friends anymore.

No one wanted to play with Cheekoo.

Because she had a cloud hanging over her head.

A cloud of TRASH.








Broken toys and pencil shavings,

Twisted plastic bottles and colourful plastic bags,

All surrounded by a swarm of buzzing flies.

No one wanted to play with a girl who had a cloud of trash hanging over her.

What if a rotten banana peel fell on your head? YUCK!

Cheekoo couldn’t even play hideand-seek anymore.

The cloud would always give her away.


<End of Sample From A Cloud of Trash>

Here’s how NOT
to make a cloud of trash

– We can start by not littering our surroundings.

– Always, always throw waste into a dustbin – look around for the nearest one.

– After you eat a banana, don’t throw it on the road. Put the peel in a small bag until you find a dustbin.

– There are many things that you may think are useless, like the paper bag into which you put the peel. But not everything is waste. So don’t throw the bag with the peel! Take it home and reuse it.

– Cover dustbins so that flies can’t get inside.


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