Inspiring Quote About Trees – A Great Time to Plant a Tree

Jadav and The Tree Place


Jadav ‘Mulai’ Payeng, completely changes the eco-system near his home, creating a forest from wasteland, providing a home to many animals, birds, and plants, by simply planting trees, one tree at a time. An inspiring biography for children about conservation, and contribution.

  A Tiny Seed – Biography of the A Nobel Prize Winner

Wangari Maathai understood that a lot can be achieved for the world by planting a tiny seed and letting it grow. Through her belief and her dreams for her country and people, she became the first black woman to win the Nobel Prize.

The Magic Powder – Turning Trees into Gold

In The Magic Powder, a delightful folktale from Myanmar, we learn a very important lesson, as a young man studying alchemy finds out how to turn earth into gold by following the advice of his wise father in law.


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inspiring quote about trees from FKB

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