All Seasons – Early Reader

seasons - early readerAll Seasons is an early reader, rhyming book about seasons aimed at kindergarten children. The book is in a reader-friendly open dyslexic text.

By: Free Kids Books



Sample Text and Images From All Seasons:

SeasonsSummer, Fall …Winter, spring.
There are four seasons
The year will bring.

seasonsWinter Is cold.
In some places it snows.

seasonsWe love lighting a fire.
And warming our toes.

seasonsAfter winter is spring.
Spring means all things new.

seasonsLots of pretty flowers.
New born animals too.

<End of excerpt>

Total pages: 24

About the series:

Early readers are aimed at young children learning to read. This book has some more complicated words, but most can be guessed or sounded out. The majority of the words are simple and each page has a very short text.

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