Tania’s Monsoon Adventure – Book 30 Tania Series

Where can they spend the night? How will they contact their parents? The cell phone network has collapsed
and later there is a blackout too. What a nightmare!

Read on to find out how Tania and her friends survive this monsoon crisis.


Text from Tania’s Monsoon Adventure

Herding Cats

Tania and her friends stepped out of the auditorium at The Playright Theatre in Juhu. They were jumping up and down and hugging each other in excitement. Tania was clutching the big trophy they had just won, as first prize at the interschool children’s drama competition.

While the kids rejoiced their victory, Miss Gupta and Miss John, the teachers who had escorted them, were worried.
Would they be able to make it home? It had been raining cats and dogs for hours. And soon it was going to be high tide. Even the theatre courtyard was waterlogged.

Miss Gupta was trying to get the kids to line up, so they could all walk to the school bus in the parking lot. But it
was like herding cats. Karishma and Sonali were holding hands and dancing. Vivek and Nikhil were jumping up and down in the courtyard trying to see how high they could make the splashing water drops go. Tania and Tanisha were taking victory laps, whilst

loudly singing “We won. We won. Yay, yay, yay.” And Rajiv seemed to have completely disappeared.

All this would have been very amusing, if time wasn’t of the essence. It had been raining all night, but the intensity
had dramatically increased in the last few hours, during the competition.

“Where were you Rajiv?” An annoyed Miss Gupta shouted, as Rajiv suddenly appeared. “Hurry up. Lets get in to the bus. Now, everyone. Move it. I mean it, or you can get left behind.”

The kids were startled to hear the usually cheerful and soft spoken Miss Gupta, practically barking at them. They
scurried in to the bus, with out another word, though Karishma and Sonali failed to suppress their giggles. A
stern look from Miss Gupta quickly shut them up.

Soon they were all in the bus and the teachers relaxed. But, less than five minutes later, as the bus ploughed through knee deep water, the engine sputtered and groaned to a halt. The driver made some futile attempts to start it up and then looked helplessly at the teachers.

Two teachers, 7 kids and a bus driver were stranded in the middle of a water logged road, far away from where they needed to be. What were they going to do? With the rain pouring, it would not be easy to find transportation.


“What do we do now?” cried Miss John in dismay.

“Now let’s calm down and think.” Miss Gupta switched to crisis mode, and she was good at it. “Any of you kids have
relatives nearby?”

“I am not sure. Where are we?” Tanisha asked confused.

“I know where we are!”, Tania exclaimed. “I recognise that tall building. My aunt Nisha lives there. She is my mother’s cousin.”

“But will your aunt be home? I don’t want you all scurrying there in the rain, only to be stranded again.” Miss Gupta
sounded sceptical.

Tania gave Miss Gupta, Nisha’s cell phone number. Nisha offered to keep the kids overnight if necessary. She even
offered to have the teachers stay over, but they said they would make it home somehow and did not want to impose on her. Then Miss Gupta turned to the kids “You will all be staying with Tania’s aunt Nisha till the rain stops. You may have to stay there all night. It seems like the safest option.”

“But our parents will be worried about us if we don’t come home.” Tanisha was upset.

“You can all call your parents from Nisha’s house and let them know.” Miss John said. “But right now we need to get
you there safely.” Miss Gupta and Miss John helped the kids get out of the bus, and then Miss John addressed them again. “The water is quite deep and I don’t want any of you to fall down. There could also be an open manhole or ditch somewhere, that we can’t see. So form a chain by holding on to each others hands tightly.”

Miss Gupta led the chain of kids, and Miss John brought up the rear. Walking like this was uncomfortable, and quite a spectacle. But there was no one loitering to watch, under these conditions. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before they
were at Nisha’s apartment.

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