Bad Brad Saves Christmas

Author: Joe Corcoran

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Exert From the Book:

Once upon a time, in a far, far distant country, there was a little boy called Brad, although no one called him just Brad. Everyone called him Bad Brad. He never said please, and he never said thank you. He never shared, and he never wanted to wait his turn.
“If you’re not good,” said his parents, “then Father Christmas will put you on the naughty list, and you won’t get any presents on Christmas Day.”
“I don’t care,” answered Bad Brad, “I don’t believe in Father Christmas.”

Well this was bad enough, but it wasn’t the worst that Bad Brad could do. He was determined that no one else should believe in Father Christmas either.
“I hope Santa will bring me a puppet theatre on Christmas Eve,” said Sally Perkins, one day in the playground.
“You’ll be lucky,” sneered Bad Brad, “Father Christmas doesn’t exist.”
“But I wrote a letter to him and everything,” wailed Sally, “I put it in the fireplace, and in the morning, it was gone.”
“Your parents probably lit the fire after you’d gone to bed,” said Bad Brad, “and the letter got burnt up all into ashes.”

About Joe Corcoran:

Joe Corcoran was born in Sheffield, grew up in Manchester, was educated in Cambridge and now works in London. He is a devoted husband to Mickey and proud father of Toby, who is the patient recipient of many stories in the making. They live in a nice little house in Twickenham, home of English rugby and match day traffic congestion. Together, Joe and Toby wage an eternal battle against urban foxes – especially their droppings.

The income from his writing being negative, Joe pays the rent by working for a big multi-national. He is an expert in supply chain, which is the art of getting the things that people want to sell to the place where people want to buy them, and he travels the world dispensing advice on the subject. When he is not travelling, Joe works in an office in central London. He commutes every day by train, which provides his main opportunity for writing stories.

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