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gifted-middle-grade-fantasyGifted is a fantasy/paranormal adventure novel for older children. The first book in the Super Seven Series.

Thirteen-year-old Chrissy can read minds and do a few other nifty little tricks, such as levitating small objects. She never realized her gift was such a big deal until her principal, Mr. Kerberos, tells her she has to have a brain operation. Soon Chrissy is on the run with an unlikely ally, Michael, a non-gifted. Can she escape Mr. Kerberos and discover her true destiny?

 Sample Text From the book Gifted:

Chapter 1 – Deep in the Woods

Thirteen-year-old Chrissy had always known she could read people’s minds. Oh, and she could do a few neat tricks such as levitating small objects. But all of that seemed of very little importance as she found herself face to face with a huge, brown bear!

She had been picking berries from a large saskatoon bush for almost an hour. Hearing noises from the other side of the bush, she had assumed it was one of her sisters. But no. As she picked her way round to the other side, she finally saw the cause of the noises. A bear. Happily eating the purple berries from the branches with its huge mouth. She stood frozen for a moment, just staring. The bear didn’t seem to notice her as it continued its berry feast. She looked down at the full pail of saskatoons in her hand. She had heard that it was wise to leave what you carried behind to make good your escape…but these berries were for mother! They were going to have pie!

Slowly, Chrissy backed her way round to the other side of the bush. Then, despite her mother’s repeated warnings about not running from wild animals, she sprinted from the bush and up the steps of the small cottage. She threw open the door and then shoved it closed with both hands. Chrissy turned to see the wide, startled blue eyes of her mother.

“Mom!” she gasped. “A bear! Outside!”
Inward laughter sprang up, replacing the building panic. Her mother smiled.
“Of course there are bears! We’re living in the middle of nowhere, Chrissy. Animals still

live out here.” Her mother’s laughter calmed her racing heart. We are safe. We are safe. Her mother also had the gift.

Chrissy moved into the kitchen and set the berries on the counter. She gazed out the large picture window. She saw the bush where she had been picking berries but she didn’t see the bear.

“There really is a bear out there, Mom. Right on the other side of that bush,” she said, pointing.middle-grade-fantasy

“Oh, I believe you.” Her mother studied her for a long moment as Chrissy continued to look outside. “Chrissy…you look so much like your father. Of the three of you girls, you remind me of him the most. Your thick dark hair, your dark eyes, even the freckles on your nose…” She clutched her hands together; her fingers seemed intent on having a war with one another. It’s too bad you’re not more like him.

Chrissy turned on her mother. “I’m glad I’m not like him! He abandoned us, Mom. I’m never going to be like him!”

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About The Author, Celesta Thiessen

I live in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada with my husband and two young daughters. We’re homeschoolers and entrepreneurs. My husband and I make iOS apps and I write stories. Being a writer is magical – spinning nothing into stories – stories that can light the way to a different world.

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