By: Mustard Seed, Elizabeth Kim

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Text and Images from Sharks



Scientists think that sharks lived 200
million years before the dinosaurs.
That is a long time ago!



<end of excerpt from Sharks by Mustard Seed>

About Mustard Seed

Founded in 1995 to provide community development work building low income houses, Mustard Seed provides a variety of community resources helping low income families. Director Rick Chan Frey, has a PhD in education at U.C. Berkeley and has been writing and presenting on the books project at a number of educational conferences.

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Comments 15

  • Yes, all the sharks looked very interesting & I learned lots about them.

  • yes, because I like to read about different sharks.

  • My son is going to flip over this shark book. Thank you.

  • Yes I liked the book because it was fun .

  • my project is about sharks i am going to say it in front of 100 plus people on stage in C.L.M it helps you to fight your fears my fear is going on stage i fight the fear now i am not afraid

  • Was something my son enjoys reading about!

  • That was a good book for my project that is all I won’t to say

  • Brandon writes:
    The book was good to read but i love the story and the lesson because it shows you about the sharks.

    walter writes:

    alex writes:
    I actually do like sharks so this book was fun to read

    messi writes:

    kadie writes:
    very good book to learn all about sharks

    Kirk Davis writes:
    It was very cool. I learned about how they hunt. But l never knew sharks can grow their teeth back.

  • Taylor writes:
    Very fun to learn. I am 6.

    dakota writes:
    The best part about these books is how much we learn!

    noah writes:
    I like the book and I like the fishes.

    Turner Robinson writes:
    Great beginning book for children to learn facts about sharks.

    Ramcel valdes writes:
    good to learn about Sharks!

  • Daniel matchett writes:
    I enjoy the shark book story also I love shark,thanks

    Jordan writes:
    It was awesome

    saicharan writes:
    its awsome because i like sharks.

    Robin writes:
    This is a really good book

    Jay writes:

  • BVDB writes:
    It was very interesting and cool

    Seb writes:
    This is a very great book and its Nice. My son likes it and is very happy now.

    Troy writes:
    I love this book because i love sharks.

    Andalus writes:
    it is awesome

    Edward writes:
    It was very factual and I enjoyed the book.The only complaint was that the megalodon was not mentioned by name.

  • Tomas writes:
    It was awesome and cool, and that’s it!

    Ludovica writes:
    Great, Extraordinary!

    Alexis Barnette writes:
    I think this book was very informative and interesting. My son loved it.It’s a great non fiction book to have a home, if you ever need one.

    Ryan writes:
    I really enjoyed reading this book. I saw a lot of sharks I have never saw before.

    kai writes:
    The book had interesting sentences in it. It told me things I did not know. Keep sharks in the wild. Don’t put them in aquariums.


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