Small Bird’s Big Adventure – another great picture book from Bookdash

small bird's big adventureSmall Bird’s Big Adventure is another fun picture book from Bookdash. The small bird loves giant, but when she can’t find giant, he goes on an epic adventure trying to find her. Read more by selecting the links below the post, or see the text below.

Small Bird’s Big Adventure text

Small Bird was a small bird. He was very small and very birdy.

Small Bird lived in a beautiful house with the Giant. Small Bird loved the Giant very much.
She was a kind Giant.
She gave Small Bird lots of toys.

Small Bird was sad when the Giant wasn’t around.
So one day Small Bird went to go find the Giant.small bird's big adventure

Small Bird flew up and up until he could see the whole world.
He wanted to find the Giant. Where would he land?

Small Bird landed in a huge forest, filled with trees and flowers and treasure.
Small Bird loved playing with the shiny jewels! But where was the Giant?

Small Bird walked into a vast field of snow. The snow was white and soft.
Small Bird loved rolling around on the cool ground. But where was the Giant?

This time, Small Bird flew even higher into the sky.
He flew among the stars and galaxies! He saw the moon! He saw a comet!
But where was the Giant?

From way up high, with his sharp birdy eyes,
Small Bird saw something!
What could it be?

Small Bird dived down, down, down.
Where would he land?

Small Bird landed right in the Giant’s hands! He was so happy to see her.
“I love you, Giant!” he shrieked.

The Giant held Small Bird close to her.
“I love you too,” the Giant said.

<End of text from Small Bird’s Big Adventure>

Read along with this video on Andrew Pepper’s channel, the following video has nice clear images of the words to follow along with the audio, to help improve reading or English:

This is a creative commons book from Bookdash, more books from Bookdash can be found in our Bookdash category.



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